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Monica is a finalist of the Woman Energy Award – EUSEW – WHY ?

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We interviewed Mὸnica Guiteras Blaya especially for you, see here the strong vision of this woman who strives every day to empower people affected by energy poverty

Mὸnica, if you had to sum up your vision of the fight against energy poverty in one sentence, what would you say?

“There will not be a just energy transition if people, affected by energy poverty, are not at the centre of the discussion”

You often talk about the role of women in this fight against energy poverty, why?

“Women and women-led households are disproportionately affected by energy poverty, yet women are strong actors in tackling energy poverty,” says Mὸnica. “We organise collective advisory assemblies to offer not only the tools needed to address energy poverty but also provide a network for these women to take action together with.”

How can all this work be replicated elsewhere in Europe?

“The network model and tools that we have created in EmpowerMed can be replicated in other countries and contexts, contributing to increased secure access to energy for all, but also energy savings and adequate consumption adapted to the climate and social circumstances we are living in” 

Collective action seems to be very important to you, doesn’t it ?

“Together, the members of the collectives are very strong and the impact on their self-esteem and independence is fortified through the network,” says Mὸnica. “We promote practical solutions that can be implemented but it is also important that we advocate for policy solutions at all levels and equip those affected to lead the change.” 

Thank you very much Mὸnica ! 

We now better know why it’s so important to vote for you

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