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Empowermed project

The overall objective of EmpowerMed is to tackle energy poverty and to help improve health of people in the coastal areas of Mediterranean countries, with a particular focus on women.

Specific objectives

  • Raise public awareness on energy poverty and the means for its alleviation, focusing on the specifics of coastal areas, gender and health aspects.
  • Implement practical solutions tailored to empower households affected by energy poverty.
  • Formulate local, national and EU policy recommendations and promote solutions to tackle energy poverty.

Our actions

  • Energy visits to households, installation of saving devices and promotion of energy measures
  • Energy advice training to build capacity of actors and partners
  • Collective assemblies on energy and health
  • “Do It Together” energy workshops
  • Advocacy campaigns on gender-just policy solutions
  • Recommendations to tackle energy poverty among several key actors

Expected impacts

  • 10,200 people empowered to tackle energy poverty
  • 6 pilot areas
  • Primary energy savings: 6.5GWh/year
  • Reduction of 1,600t CO2 emissions/year
  • 160,000 € of investments in sustainable energy
  • 780,000 € of economic savings
  • Contributions to policy and best practice development on energy poverty

Key target groups

  • Over 4,200 households affected by energy poverty, with a specific focus on women, women-led households, and households with health issues
  • 560 social actors
  • 180 health experts and practitioners
  • 220 local, national and EU authorities and policy/decision-makers
  • 100 utilities
  • 100 energy (poverty) experts