Municipality of Vlora (Albania)

  • Local pilot site assessment

The Municipality of Vlora consists of 5 administrative units (Vlora, Orikum, Qendër, Novoselë and Shushicë) with a total population of 202,000 inhabitants including Greek, Roma and Egyptian minorities. Local data indicate that only 64% of the households of the area pay their energy bills regularly and that the average monthly energy consumed per household (168 kWh) in Vlora is 23% lower than the minimum in national level.

In the Albanian pilot site of Vlora, the EmpowerMed project will target the following vulnerable groups: (i) the elderly, mostly women; (ii) single parent families, mainly single mothers, (iii) ethnic communities (Roma and  Egyptian); (iv) unemployed and employed at risk of poverty, with a focus on women.

Project actions include: health and energy poverty workshops with the participation of local healthcare centres; interventions aimed at improving the building conditions in dwellings with multiple problems; promotion of good investment practices in public buildings (e.g, kindergartens and schools) to ensure minimum living standards and access to electricity; and involvement of Roma community members as volunteers during household visits and in small scale interventions.

Download the Vlora pilot site assessment report in Albanian (with an executive summary in English) below

Vlora pilot site assessment report (Albanian)