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Comparative analysis of implemented practical measures against energy poverty

This document presents and compares the results obtained through the different actions implemented, in the framework of EmpowerMed project, by each pilot, and also analyses the impact of each action individually.

Five different actions are considered part of EmpowerMed’s strategy against energy poverty in Mediterranean:
– Community approaches,
– Household visits,
– DIY workshops (PV panels, Smart meters and Low-cost measures),
– Support to financial schemes,
– Health workshops.

Its implementation in the six pilots that form part of EmpowerMed project – Albania (Vlore), Croatia (Zadar), France (Marseille), Italy (Padova), Slovenia (Obala), Spain (Barcelona) – has been ongoing for the past 24 months.  The report presents the results obtained and its potential replicability all over the Mediterranean.

Report on comparative analysis of EmpowerMed implemented actions (English)