Primorska region (Slovenia)

  • Local pilot site assessment

The Primorska region comprises 4 municipalities that line up the Mediterranean coast of Slovenia (Koper, Izola, Ankaran and Piran) with a total population of 88,000 inhabitants. Despite being one of the most economically dynamic regions of Slovenia, many people depend on precarious, poorly paid jobs (e.g., harbours and tourism industry workers). Data from 2017 indicate that 3% of the region’s population (2,000 people and their families) were recipients of regular social support and a growing demand for social support in previous years. Local energy poverty conditions are driven by the lack of (or inefficient) heating/cooling systems, poor insulation and general deterioration of buildings, tourism-related low-quality jobs and tensions in real-estate markets due to tourist demand for housing. In the Primorska region EmpowerMed will prioritise the support of female elderly pensioners (a particularly vulnerable group from a health perspective), single-parent households headed by women and households with unemployed members and low-income workers (again with a focus on women). Project actions will consist of  training advisors of the Slovenian network of offices for energy advising (ENSVET), specific targeted support to elderly women through pensioners’ associations and support to households for accessing free government subsidies for energy efficiency.

Download the Primorska pilot site assessment report in Slovenian (with an executive summary in English) below  

Primorska pilot site assessment report (Slovenian)