Barcelona Metropolitan Area (Catalonia, Spain)

  • Local pilot site assessment

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) is a dense, unequal urban region with 36 municipalities (including the city of Barcelona) and over 3.2 million inhabitants. In 2016 over 100,000 people living in the AMB reported energy and water poverty conditions with around 10% of the City of Barcelona’s population unable to keep their homes adequately warm in winter or with arrears on utility bills. Local data also indicate that women have a higher risk of poverty, lower salaries and poorer quality jobs. EmpowerMed priority groups on the Barcelona site are: households without access to energy and/or water or at risk of disconnection; single-mother households with children; persons with poor mental health; households dependent on electricity-based domestic heat; migrants; and households living in rented accommodation. EmpowerMed offers priority households  – with a focus on women – collective support and advice to: ensure a secure connection to utility grids; reduce accumulated utility debt; improve supply contracts; access social tariffs and other forms of targeted assistance; engage with suppliers and competent authorities; and understand and use data from smart electricity meters.

Download the Barcelona pilot site assessment report in Catalan (with an executive summary in English) below

Barcelona pilot site assessment report (Catalan)