Marseille (France)

  • Local pilot site assessment

Marseille is located in Provence- Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Bouches du Rhône within the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolitan area which counts 1,9 million inhabitants. On the territory, more than 70,000 households are vulnerables to energy poverty. Part of the existing housing stock is in a state of disrepair, often housing the poorest households. The potentially unworthy housing stock is estimated at 40,000, representing 100,000 people. There is also a part of dwellings without an adapted heating system, which makes it difficult to afford standard comfort, or even dangerous in periods of more intense cold with mobile systems and non-secure operating conditions. Women tend to be more affected by energy poverty. Their economic vulnerability indicators are indeed higher, with incomes overall 25% lower than men in Bouches du Rhône, an unemployment rate slightly on the rise in opposition to the rather declining one at the regional level in 2018. Finally, single-parent families, led at almost 90% by women, are very vulnerable to energy poverty, with low income indices. 47% of single mothers in Bouches du Rhône live below the poverty threshold.
In relation to the situations identified on the territory, the following needs have been identified: collective and individual support and guidance for households i) to improve their access to support mechanisms to fight against energy poverty ii) to assert their rights – social rights, right to energy vouchers, right to access to decent housing, iii) in the process of choosing and changing suppliers and managing energy access subscriptions.

Download the Marseille pilot site assessment report in French (with an executive summary in English) below  



Marseille pilot site assessment report (French)