Padova (Italy)

  • Local pilot site assessment

Padova is a city in the North-East of Italy (Veneto Region) with a population of 210,000 inhabitants. The city has an increasing number of single-person elderly households and single-parent families, of which many are headed by women. The assessment of local energy poverty conditions found the following typologies of vulnerable households: large, low-income families in rented accommodation; single parents with minors; elderly; population with low educational attainment and/or unemployed; residents in old buildings and buildings in average or poor conditions and households with high electricity and/or natural gas consumption. The EmpowerMed project will prioritise the support to residents requesting public economic support to pay energy bills, elderly and single parents with children. Project actions in Padova will consist of household visits, collective assemblies and thematic workshops. Support to participating households will be provided in the form of counselling on improvement of the energy performance of dwellings, low-cost practical solutions aimed at saving energy and improving comfort and health conditions, smart meter reading and financial schemes for energy retrofitting.

Download the Padova pilot site assessment report in Italian (with an executive summary in English) below  

Padova pilot site assessment report (Italian)